Cheeky Midweek Long Weekend… and Adele.

So last Tuesday I was one of the many thousands of people, packed into Domain stadium to watch Adele in concert. She was incredible. The set included a good mix of her back catalogue, and Adele herself was warm, funny and endearing.

No joke, she sounds exactly the same live as she does on her records.

I could go on (and on) but to be brief, the concert was amazing, she is extremely talented, and I would happily go again if I could!

The following morning, HH and I packed up the 3 dogs (our two and my MILs whom we are dog sitting) and road tripped up to Kalbarri for a cheeky midweek break before the long weekend.


As per the rules of road trips, I gathered the essentials – Masters Iced Coffee ( a WA classic, pre packaged) a party bucket of peanut M&Ms , lemon and thyme crisps and loading the car hard drive with triple j hottest 100 compilations .

The weather in WA has been a bit strange lately however the forecast was good, and the drive was pretty uneventful, the dogs were very well behaved and we made it to Kalbarri by mid afternoon.

The river mouth and a couple of the beaches are dog friendly and the pups loved swimming and trying to disrupt our game of Brazilian beach tennis (Frescobal)!


Some of Kalbarri’s many gorgeous beaches


Wednesday night saw Perth get hit with an impressive weather and electrical storm, which while Kalbarri did not get any rain or wind; power was knocked out for a while. Luckily we had decided to go down to the Pelican café early and we managed to get our meals and pay before the power started to be too unreliable. One of the perils on not using cash for much anymore!

The food was delicious, well priced and the view from our table was gorgeous, we sat and enjoyed a drink and watched the sunset over the river – no complaints from me!


Sunset view from our table

As it was a quick trip down we really only had the whole Thursday in Kalbarri. HH had planned to make breakfast but we ended up enjoying a proper sleep in instead. We took the pups to the beach then came back to the house for a delicious cheese platter and glass of champagne for lunch whilst enjoying a great view over the coast and the township from the front of the house. Early afternoon we had a quick look around the shops before going to a wholesalers and splurging on some fresh fish and oysters for dinner. HH is a damn good cook so we enjoyed a glass of champers with our seafood dinner. Sadly the photos we took were a bit average so you will just have to take my word for how good it looked.

The front windows are floor to ceiling with no coverings, and as we were up the hill there was no so much light pollution, and the night sky was so clear and bright with stars we pretty much ate by candlelight so we could enjoy the view properly.

Kangaroos also roam around the neighbourhood in the evening and night as well – apologies to the neighbours, Leo felt the need to personally bark at each individual roo.

When HH and I were travelling around Australia we spent many nights with a glass of wine in our camping chairs talking rubbish and stargazing – such good memories.

Friday morning was packing up, after HH made his version of a cooked Moroccan breakfast and we enjoyed the last of the champagne – would be a shame to waste it! We made a few quick stops to take some pictures of the spectacular coastline, the downside being the flies, which were in full force.


We decided to take the coast road back to Geraldton, and so stopped off at the sleepy town of Port Gregory for a leg stretch and a swim.

The water is reasonably calm and shallow so good for kids and pets alike. The beach is dog friendly providing you are at least 100 metres away from the jetty.


Port Gregory Beach


We stopped and took a few pics of Hutt Lagoon, aka the Pink Lake where algae grow which lends it its colour and smell!


Pink Lake

Driving further along the road we stopped at Horrocks, which is very pretty, the foreshore is set up well for tourists and families with kids, lots of shady seating and grassed areas. HH and I stopped and enjoyed an ice cream while we had a quick look around the rest of the town before we moved on. I would like to state that my choice is the Giant Sandwich – it’s a classic!

Driving on we stopped in the historic Northampton to let the dogs out for a toilet break and a leg stretch but to be honest the heat was pretty baking and we moved on towards Geraldton pretty quickly.

We stopped in Geraldton overnight, and then sadly we were up pretty early as I needed to be at work in the afternoon so it was a straight drive back to Perth, no stopping for scenery or photos.

So all in all it was a whirlwind trip but its always nice to get away, and always great to take the furry members of the family with us on the road.


The best way to spend some time


P.S. This post bought to you by the song ‘Fly Away’ by Lenny Kravitz – a great road trip song.

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