How to live your Life – A Guide by David Attenborough.

For the record, Sir David has not written a self help book – he has just lived an amazing life!

Recently I had the great privilege, along with my two sisters to listen to Sir David Attenborough speak about his life. My family have watched so many of his documentaries over the years, and seeing him on stage and listening to him speak live was magic. His instantly recognizable voice was literally like music to my ears and his enthusiasm and zest for life was so evident and inspiring.

Sir David answered all the questions asked of him thoughtfully and with a great deal of humour, and his comic timing is spot on. The stories he told particularly about his early career kept an auditorium of over three thousand people in rapt attention. I particularly loved the animated shorts of animals discussing their interactions with him during filming, and how star struck they got – so adorable and very funny.

I loved the answer to a question from a young boy about where should his dad take him to see animals, and Sir David mentioned a few places before saying that Australia is a natural history wonderland, and we can see amazing creatures that are found nowhere else in the world right in our own backyard. And it is so true; we can get so focused on where we haven’t been elsewhere that we completely ignore the awesomeness that exists within reach of our daily lives. I am lucky enough to live in Australia, and I was afforded a childhood that not many people will have experienced at the Abrolhos Islands. I have also lived in Scotland and travelled to some amazing countries – all of which were amazing in their own unique way.

When HH and I moved back to Australia we had no jobs and a bit of cash saved up and we drove through a fair chunk of Australia over four months, and we had the most incredible time exploring our own backyard. And we still have barely scratched the surface of the spectacular places this country and particularly my home state of WA have to offer. My home city of Perth is beautiful and despite having lived here for quite a large portion of my adult life, there is so much I have yet to see and do and explore, and I truly cant wait to take better advantage of it.

Part of my intentions for this year was to read more books for pleasure, aiming at least one a week. So as unoriginal as this is, my book this week will be Life On Air – the autobiography of Sir David Attenborough that I bought at the show.

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